LAYLA BRALERY is a new generation accessory created by Zeynep Bölükbaşı. This jewellery, which is produced in the form of heart like gold and gold plated on 925 sterling silver, are offered for sale in varieties with diamonds, pearls, letters and evil eye beads.


  • Strategy and Research 

  • Building Prototype 

  • Product Development 

  • Digital Marketing

  • Illustration & Print


LAYLA BRALERY is designed as gold and silver-plated pin that women can wear on their underwear in heart shape. Institutional work has been done, its packaging has been prepared. Women with high purchasing power were determined as the target audience. A series of articles called Wow women was created. Mannequin shots were made for the product. But the product is mostly considered an underwear brand in social media. An Emotion and Perception was not created for the product. 

Why should I buy this product? The question remained unanswered. It has turned into an unnecessary product that does not cause the desire to buy.


For LAYLA BRALERY, we first prepared the Stylescape prototype. We changed our target audience. We added personal, emotional and functional benefits to the product. We have created the Brand’s Personality. We highlighted the Heart Symbol. Layla Bralery We have turned it into a symbol that strengthens and brings together family, friendship and love bonds between women. We gave the feeling we wanted to create on the packaging and presentation of the product with message cards. We ensured that a common language was created, from how the photoshoots should be, from website analysis to social media accounts.

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First, we designed well, what is the stylescape?

Stylescapes are a carefully collected combination of images, textures, typography, and colours to communicate a certain look and feel of a brand, website, interior space, or any other design project. Think of them as mood boards taken to the next level.

Stylescapes bridge the gap between your ideas and your client’s. They help to get both of you to agree on the design direction before you design anything.

We use Stylescapes for virtually every design project we touch. They’re a vital piece to our creative process and how we keep our clients in the loop of where each project is headed.

For us, our strategy relies on the use of Stylescapes.

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Then we created and made a report booklet.

The starting point of this product is the Heart Symbol and the strong expressive language carried by this symbol. Purpose; Making Layla Bralery a powerful symbol among women. It is a product that we can gift to women whom we value and enjoy being with. Layla Bralery Strengthens the bond of love between women. It draws attention to the problems they face and becomes a symbol of strength arising from unity.

This product, with its predominant social message content, is the greatest desire to gather women who love from the heart and are not afraid to show their love around a heart symbol. For this reason, it is necessary to strengthen the brand with social messages, illustrations and photographs for the target audience.

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