UNOMOI, a startup project founded by Ayşe Kefli and Gözde Atasoy, enables the rental of luxury clothes through a subscription system. With the determined monthly subscription fee, members use 4 outfits per month as they wish and return them back. When the returned product is received by UNOMOI, the member can choose 4 outfits again and this cycle continues as long as the subscription service is received. Services such as cargo and dry cleaning are included in the subscription fee.


UNOMOI is a different functional service with a very good idea. It has a logo, motto and product visuals. Since its digital marketing strategy is at the beginning level, it is ready for change. The biggest problem is that it cannot reflect the identity it wants to be in the channels it takes part in because it is not ready as a stance. The brand wants to stand high quality, stylish and understandable. The visuals used on the website and social media are expected to support the brand positively and with integrity. It cannot strongly address the target audience it wants to reach. It needs a visual presentation together with marketing and sales strategies.


Firstly, stylescape prototype was prepared for UNOMOI. Stylescapes prepared by considering personas, brand features and targets were presented in 2 versions. One was made with the development of existing corporate data and the other was made with our suggestions. After the selected stylescape, all areas to be developed were determined. Brand characteristics were determined, and all digital and collateral channels were redeveloped according to these brand characteristics. Digital marketing strategies were created, and social marketing and website analyses were performed on existing channels.