PATH (Branding)


PATH is a software company based in Turkey with 17 years of experience. It stands out, especially with E-commerce, Shopify, B2B and B2C solutions.


PATH is a fast-growing company. Appearing with a different identity in every channel he takes place is the biggest challenge right now. PATH has a basic corporate identity that it has been using for a while. However, it has some problems where it is visible. For example, because of the colours, fonts and spaces used, slogans are not read in some places, such as PATH letters. Their corporate lines have hard lines, but the colours were chosen and the elements used have softer lines. This has led to some inconsistencies.


PATH has two big problems. First, they have no corporate identity, and second is that they cannot explain what they are doing. To solve these two problems, first stylescapes were prepared and the general visual image was decided. The logo was revised and the entire corporate identity was renewed from top to bottom. Brand features were determined, and all digital and collateral channels were redeveloped according to these brand features.


  • Corporate Identity
  • Design Strategy
  • Promotional Products
PATH Product & Software Hose