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There was already a working website, but there was a need for renewal both technically and in terms of UX. The website worked like a classic e-commerce system, but it needed a new look and screens for designers to enter their photos and product information. During the renewal, the UX of the existing modules had to be improved, and the new services to be added had to be positioned correctly.


As olaCreative, we first analyzed competitors and worked on the methods of providing existing services. This guided us on how to improve the aching parts of the site. We also created a site map and worked on the wireframes of all important pages (such as the home page, category listing, product detail and basket steps). In the next stage, we carried out UI design. The website design was designed in two parts, desktop and mobile web, and all pages were delivered with a style guide at the end of the project.


  • UX Research
  • Iconography
  • Website Design
  • Mobile Web Design