Kiss The Hippo


Kiss the Hippo is a speciality coffee brand devoted to creating the ultimate coffee experience. Based in the neighbourhood of Richmond, London, Kiss the Hippo Coffee was established in 2018.


The corporate website and e-commerce pages of the Kiss the Hippo brand were made by PATH. olaCreative took the task of preparing the UX / UI designs of the website in this project. The first store was to be opened soon. There was not enough visual material yet. Also, packages had not yet been prepared. The structure of delivering the coffee to the customer was different from the classical e-commerce scenarios and had to be explained to the end user in an understandable way.


Due to the short time, 2 different layouts were prepared and presented to the customer. Special icons were designed and diagrams were prepared for the journey of the coffee to the customer. In addition, world maps were designed in order to explain the different contents of coffee. The interfaces, style guide and all drawings were prepared within the specified time and delivered to PATH, which will develop the software with the customer’s approval.


  • Website UX/Design Design
  • MobileWeb UI Design
  • Iconography
  • Illustrations
Kiss The Hippo