Edenred is a French company specialising in prepaid corporate services. The Group is independent since June 2010 following the split with Accor. Formerly known as Accor Services, Edenred is the inventor of Ticket Restaurant, created in 1962, and a leading distributor of meal vouchers.


Edenred came to us with a request to renew his site. Edenred, which has a lot of products due to its business structures, wanted to be more understandable and more modern. The website they had been using for many years was no longer meeting their needs.

The biggest challenge was to deliver many dissimilar products to the end-user in an understandable way.


Edenred is a global company and has operations in many countries. First, we analyzed the Edenred website layouts of other countries. Since each country prepares sites suitable for its user audience profile using the same corporate structure, we also researched Turkish users. There were two types of users, those who want to use the product and access the admin screens quickly. We prepared wireframes and prototypes in accordance with these profiles. We carried out the project by being in constant communication with the Edenred team with Agile project management.


  • Graphic Design
  • Iconography
  • Mobile Design
  • UX Research
  • Website Design
Edenred Kurumsal A.Ş.