DeFacto is among the apparel and fashion industry’s leading brands in Turkey. In addition, DeFacto is the second largest company in the sector in Turkey. It is the 36th largest company in the general classification.


We were given the task of designing all the websites and mobile applications of a large organization serving 30 countries, with over 500 stores and more than 14,000 employees. Their logo had been changed, which affected their entire identity.

The diversity of categories and the high number of online services offered meant the correct editing of hundreds of pages. Since Desktop, MobileWeb, iOS, and Android environments behaved differently, they had to be designed separately, and the project’s extended span over a long period of time also required intense concentration.


After receiving sufficient information in the preliminary meetings with the client, we determined our first strategy. A general structure was obtained in which the services used in the old site were protected and unused services were removed. The UX flow was determined based on customer comments. After the first wireframes were approved, we examined successful fashion e-commerce systems and design trends in the world. 3 different design layouts were prepared and presented to the client. As a result, 700-page designs, including 200-page designs for Desktop and 170 separately for MobileWeb, iOS and Android, were completed and delivered to the customer together with their style guides.


  • Mobile APP UX/UI Design
  • MobileWeb Design
  • Web Site Design
  • UX Research