SAMUTHA is a company that provides health counselling and coaching services to individuals or institutions in the field of well-being, Phytotherapy, and Holistic Medicine (Alternative medicine).


SAMUTHA has a good idea, but it has problems creating awareness among its peers. Both its corporate stance, marketing strategy and most importantly it’s brand personality. It has difficulty expressing itself because it has not been formed. It has a basic level of corporate identity that it has been using for a while. However, it has some problems at the points where it is visible. It cannot address the target audience it wants to reach. It needs a visual presentation with marketing and sales strategies and a solid stance on the ground.


An agreement was made with SAMUTHA for Phase 1 in the first stage. All necessary work was done to create a brand personality. The brand promise was created through the slogan “More Stress-Free, Healthier, Happier”. Considering the damages caused by stress and anxiety to our bodies, Brand positioning was made to emphasise Well-being and Coaching services. With 2 stylescape studies, suggestions were made about how the Brand should look. Accordingly, it was shown how it would create emotion and perception in all media. Thus, all the necessary work and preparations for Phase 2 were made.


Brand Attributes • Elevator Pitch • Competitor analysis • SWOT Analysis
Persona Cards • Segmentation study • Brand personality, value propositions, size and promise
Moodboards and Stylescapes • Instagram Post templates