Bee Square


Bee Square Games decided to renew its website. The construction of the new site continues by us.
However, you can click this link to see this version.



Bee Square is an independent game studio located in Barcelona. The company was founded in June 2012 with a mission to create engaging and entertaining gaming experiences.


A minimal site was requested for Bee Square. At the time we were preparing the site, the game they wanted to highlight in Bee Square, which was only 2 games, was Almost A Hero, and special pages were requested for this game.

The biggest challenge in the construction of the site was to highlight the Bee Square corporate by using the images of the game “Almost A Hero” in a balanced way.


We started the project by designing a home page with the new game in the foreground. In order to differentiate Bee Square corporate and games, we gave wide coverage to news and career areas on the homepage. We wanted to give the games a feel by acting freely on the pages of the games. In particular, we completed our website in a way to encourage Bee Square corporate by including additional information such as life in Barcelona and company benefits on the career page. We developed dynamic forms and a general site with PHP. We use WordPress for the blog part.


  • Website UX/UI Design
  • Development
Bee Square S.L.