Barakatech (Digital)

BARAKATECH are into mobile and web application development and engineering focusing on Blockchain and Big Data technologies.

About Barakatech

Specializing in disruptive technologies like Super-App platforms, blockchain solutions and next-gen Fintech / Wealthtech micro-services for Telecom Companies, Retailers, Marketplaces, Challenger Banks, Retail Businesses, Fin-tech platforms and more…
Unlike traditional software development companies, BARAKATECH provides «ready-to-use» digital financial products and services to its customers that can be seamlessly implemented and integrated with their businesses.
Premium Quality, Empathy, Agility and Dedication. All these we have experienced while we are working with Team OLA! Thanks to olaCreative’s precious guidance, we built our brand identity beyond our expectations together. We feel super comfortable now announcing Barakatech’s value proposition in the market.
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, BARAKATECH
Hasan Emre Ozgur