Almost A Hero

You can also see the site from the link below.


Website for Almost A Hero mobile game developed by Bee Square company.


Mobile game websites are not a common behaviour in the industry. Mobile players generally think that they can access all kinds of information inside the game. How should a mobile game site be? Providing up-to-date information about a living game and having a structure where problems are written on the site also requires the site to be dynamic.

Finally, the overall look and feel of the website should be close to the game UI.


We started by playing the game. It was important to give what parts are important in the game on the site. We also examined where users are having problems and how they can communicate these problems in the easiest way. We prepared interfaces according to the characters and environments. We developed dynamic forms and a general site with PHP. We have transferred character and in-game information data to the site in JSON format. We made the blog part with CMS structure WordPress.


  • Website UI & UX Design
  • Frontend Development
  • UX Research