Table of Contents We’ll tell you, how to create a brand strategy using this 14-step roadmap used by some biggest brands in the world. Now, when you build a brand for yourself or for a client essentially, what you’re doing is you’re building an entity that’s going to connect a business to a group of […]

Design Systems 101 We’ve all been there, trying to figure out why our designs lack consistency. Why do our projects always take longer and cost more than expected? In this ever-evolving world, your product’s ability to adapt to change is critical.  Not just to survive, but to thrive. Today, we’ll look at how a design system […]

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Examples and Benefits Every product manager MUST know what MVP is. The concept of creating a minimum viable product (MVP) before a full-scale product originates from the best practices of agile development. A product can be called minimally viable if it has some features to be validated within the market and brings […]

Design Thinking & Agile The world of software development is filled with buzzwords: agile, lean, and design thinking being just a few examples. Often, we think we have to practice one or another, but these concepts work well when practised together. Let’s look at how design thinking and agile can work together. The design thinking […]

We like to think about it in two parts to simplify the definition. The first is just a mindset: it's an ideology of approaching every problem in a user-centered way. It's that simple. Now, where the complexity comes in is in the second part of that definition which is the six-step process that most people know.