Our Process

Brief --> Discovery/Strategy --> Design/Development

olaCreative Our Process


“Look at the world in a way no one else does.”

Mevlânâ Celâleddîn-i Rûmî

Strategy & First Step

Developing The Strategy

In the first meeting, we usually learn about the points experienced in reaching the customer, pain points and the areas to be improved. In this process, we listen and prioritize the needs and goals of the business and its customers. This is a standard meeting we have had to develop strategies before our solution suggestions.

Understanding The Users

Who is the target customer of the brand? We define and understand the user profile with Persona cards. Profiles become our guides. We get a clear picture of the demographic and psychographic clusters of the users as well as their needs and requests.

Defining The Brand

It is extremely important for us to define and understand the brand in the first strategy session. First, we come up with keywords for the brand and start preparing an action plan based on these words. We determine the personality of the brand, how it should look, its sound and movements.


We analyze the experiences of the brand. We identify areas that need improvement and position the brand's position with a different perspective with simple SWOT analysis.

olaCreative Our Process - Think Say Do


“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Steve Jobs

User Experience

Causing Deligt

Designing a satisfying user experience is a di!icult task. It requires a highly skilled team of experts based on the depth of the project: user experience strategists, user interface designers, copywriters, photographers and engineers. We know how to communicate in these disciplines. Spending years as UX project leads, we experienced tons of challenges in these domains and solved them together with relevant teams. We reunite to optimize processes and the right user experience.

Measure, Test, Adjust

We know that it is very important to work with the brand. Especially in the design process, working in close cooperation on the entire user journey “from awareness to purchasing” brings success.We are aware of the importance of using tools such as interactive prototypes, user testing and user monitoring platforms, and getting comments from the brand on prototypes step by step.

olaCreative Our Process - The Feedback you get


“A design isn't finished until someone is using it.”

Brenda Laurel

Design & Development

Sustainable Design

In our opinion, the purpose of the design process is not to create a nice product to use for a while. While creating that product, it is to give the brand a breath of fresh air, a new stance and a new perspective. It is also very important to be sustainable and adapt to innovations. So it is delivered to you with design, style and user guide. You receive it as a living design package that can be continued step by step.

Lightweight, Flawless and Powerful

Within the process, each stage is more important than the other. Imagine a car with its aerodynamics, design and user experience that are perfect. As a result of this process, you should build your engine perfectly as well so that the vehicle can meet all expectations. An optimized product with a google quality score, a robust and sustainable code, is a finished product for us, we can deliver confidently to the said brand.