The Story


We want to work to create customer-friendly brands that are sensitive to the environment, have a love for people, are responsible, passionate, and want to make a difference.


The way to create such a brand is through a different perspective, being simple and straightforward, beautifully designed and making your product/service user-friendly.


We only create people-friendly brands. So working with us is like having a good friend.

The Golden Spider Awards

First Prize (3 times)

olaCreative Awards

The Golden Spiders are the most respected web awards in Turkey and they recognise projects in many different categories each year. Websites and mobile applications are evaluated for their design, innovation, content richness, user friendliness, use of technology, engagement, marketing power, creativity, stability, credibility and security. 2006, 2008, 2014

The Golden Spider Awards

Second-Third Prize (4 times)

olaCreative Awards

We won the second prize twice and the third prize twice. 2006, 2011, 2012, 2015


Best UX Design Award, First Prize

olaCreative Awards

We won the best UX design award for the digital platforms we designed for FLO. 2017


UI Design Awards, First Prize

olaCreative Awards



Experimental Interface Design Awards, First Prize

olaCreative Awards


Co-Founder│Creative Director

Erol Bek

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Co-Founder│Creative Director

Pınar Karatay Bek

As Edenred, we have been working with olaCreative since Jan 2019 for creating our corporate web and e-commerce sites, and online admin panel. However, we are having a longer history than that with our partnership in my previous jobs. We had been awarded as the most customer-centric e-commerce site in Turkey back in 2017 when I was working for FLO, the number one shoe retailer in Turkey. Ola’s hands-on and proactive approach has always been appreciated by me and my team. They are very punctual in terms of deadlines, and even they are pushing you most of the time. They present brilliant insights and new looks to business. They not only prepare the creatives, they are able to challenge us in ensuring the right customer journey, UI and UX.

CMO, Edenred Turkey

Zeynep Ege Dura

We’ve been working on several projects for quite some time with the olaCreative team. We chose to work with olaCreative because of the great portfolio and their outstanding creative solutions. After working together for a few years and on several projects we have even more reasons to keep our relationship. The communication is great and they always push the boundaries when it comes to quality, even when the timings are tight. It feels to me like having an extension to our team.

Co-Founder, Bee Square Games

Sabri Naşit Battlo

Premium Quality, Empathy, Agility and Dedication. All these we have experienced while we are working with Team OLA! Thanks to olaCreative’s precious guidance, we built our brand identity beyond our expectations together. We feel super comfortable now announcing Barakatech's value proposition in the market.

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, BARAKATECH

Hasan Emre Özgür

We have been working with olaCreative for several years, and we recognize them as an incredibly creative and talented agency. They have an excellent grasp of design theory and the ability to execute it effectively. They are also highly skilled in creating brand strategies, product design, and collaboration. They manage client relationships with professionalism, being honest, transparent, hardworking, and flexible. We have always had a great experience working with olaCreative, and we believe that any organization would greatly benefit from collaborating with them.

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Tonguç Works

Banu Hasbora